The Shimmering Land CD - KU-0393

The Shimmering Land CD Cover 




 Shimmering orchestral ambient soundscapes evoke soft layers of shifting light and sound. Reflective and contemplative.









A Quiet Light CD - KU-0391

A Quiet Light CD cover 


Six ambient tone poems explore a mysterious, luminous other world.  Slow, meditative, and harmonically lush textures interweave seamlessly with poignant melodic elements to create a deep and expansive dreamscape.









From the Dark Earth CD - KU-0387

From the Dark Earth CD cover 


A series of richly atmospheric, mystical works for trumpet and synth.  Featuring internationally known soloist David Bilger, Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra.










Blue Cosmos CD - KU-0385

Blue Cosmos CD cover



A mysteriously beautiful and dark adventure into the depths of space.








Inner Space CD - KU-0383

Inner Space CD Cover