A Quiet Light

Meg Bowles

Seminal space music composer Meg Bowles's latest poetic journey into a lush, mysterious, and luminous ambient world.

"I am always fascinated by the mystery of liminal space (from the Latin word limen, meaning “threshold”), that fleeting yet eternal place of opening into another reality. Frequently, the solitude of nature provides a doorway into liminal space, a territory between the worlds which can feel intensely private yet vast. These experiences often feel a bit extraordinary, even numinous. Witnessing the gleam of early morning light flowing like a line of gold down the trees, listening to the hushed stillness of the wind over the lake, bidding farewell to the slow peeling away of blue twilight as a canopy of stars is revealed overhead, are just a few of those moments of pure grace, where one can suddenly become transported into a greater, deeper reality that exists parallel to, yet outside of, ordinary awareness. A number of images seemed to accompany the writing of these pieces, eventually becoming the inspiration for the track titles. A constant presence throughout this project was the perception of a subtle luminosity - a quiet light - that inhabits all things." -Meg Bowles

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